Apply for Sears Credit Card Login to Pay Bill Payment All You Need to know About it

Sears, Roebuck and Company, normally known by the shorter name Sears, is a chain of department stores spread across America. It is one of the older names in the American market, taking it’s start in 1892. Initially it started as a mail order catalog company.

A detailed guide on how to apply, how it helps you, all the pros and cons.

It was in 1925 that they started opening their own retail locations. They have since then been massively successful in the business making a name for themselves firmly retaining the number 1 retailer spot for a lengthy expanse of time before being surpassed by walmart. Recent stats find them at the 23rd spot in the list of retailers in the United States.

Sears is a one stop shop for everything, from clothes to hardware to barbeque equipment.  Sears is always looking to offer its customers more and more under the same roof so the customer never has to look elsewhere.

The corporation continues to grow as it bring many more well-known names under its umbrella such as Kmart, Kenmore, Craftsman and DieHard. They continue to boast competitive prices to stay in the competition.  Now in order to keep up with the modern trend of corporation owned credit cards, Sears has partnered up with Citibank from the Citigroup inc. to offer you its very own credit cards with various benefits to each. With a number of exclusive offers the Sears card will help you to conquer your must have list while taking care of your finances. In this article we’ll discuss how to apply for this card, how it benefits you and what the fine print on those terms and conditions says that you should be aware of.

Benefits of Sears credit card Login online

Sears credit card holders can adopt quick way to make payments online. In start you have to create Sears credit card login account to make payments. Browse the Sears official website & set up sign on your account. Once you will land sign on page, now further click ‘Register Your Card’ button link. complete all fields for registration.

Next time you need to sign in Sears credit card login page for future payments. Now choose ‘Pay Your Bill Option’ & enter user ID & password then press sign on button to access you account. After doing this process press the ‘Pay Now’ link button and enter the bill amount to make payment. In this way you can use your credit card, debit card or bank account ID to complete the process of Sears credit card payment.

If you feel any trouble to login Sears credit card payment page, then contact to customer service support number 1-800-815-7701 simply. You can also download Sears mobile app and make payment from your mobile.


  • All cards allow you to use online services
  • When your card gets approved make a purchase that same day to get 10$ off or 6 months special financing on that purchase.
  • 5% off on electronics over 599$.
  • Alternatively no interest on electronic purchase above stated value if bill is paid in full within a 12 month period.
  • Similar offers may be found in other categories as well such as fitness items, home appliances etc.


Note: The sears home improvement card does not allow you access to these exclusives and has no exclusives of its own, except the advantages we have already discussed.

The types of Sears Credit Cards

Sears basically offers you three kinds of cards. The first and basic card that Sears offers is the Sears card. Customers may use this card at sears and Kmart as well as their online outlets and

The second card that Sears offers is the Sears MasterCard. This card can basically be used like any standard MasterCard and is accepted in most places.

The third option is a Sears Home improvement account, this is basically for those people who are looking to improve their home or undergo extensive renovations or install major home improvement items. The catch is you may ONLY use this card to buy home improvements. By that we mean things like heating and air conditioning, windows and kitchen remodels. You cannot use this card for anything else.

All these cards offer you the facility of shop your way programs, meaning you may earn points through shopping and may later exchange those points for an item of your choice. You earn points by making any eligible purchase where anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

How to apply Sears Credit Card?

The first step would be to choose how you’re going to apply Sears credit card as applications are accepted by two processes. You can apply for any Sears card online or in person at a Sears or Kmart store.

If you’re applying online, use a secure server and go to the Citibank site. Complete the entire form given there and submit it. There are no questions out of the ordinary. You will be inquired about basic personal and financial details. Since the approval process is online and efficient you will most likely find out whether or not you were approved the same day, after submitting your application.

If you wish to apply for the card in person, simply ask an associate at any Sears or Kmart store to provide you with the application required for the credit card. You may then process the application electronically within the store or over telephone and you will know the approval status within the same day.

If you have any further queries you may contact the Sears helpline for Credit Card services at 1-800-815-7701.

Terms and Conditions: What does the fine print say?

The terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the online form. If you are applying in person you may find the terms and conditions attached to the back of the application form provided to you. Both the Sears card and the Sears MasterCard show APR’s of 25.49 for purchases and 27.40.

If you make a cash advance transaction you will be charged either 5$ or 5% of the transaction you are attempting to make. Whichever of the two is greater.

The minimum age required to apply for the sears credit card is 18 if you are a resident of the United States or 21 if you are a resident of Puerto Rico.

The grace period you will be offered if you are late on your payments is 25 days. As with all credit cards you must pay your balance within the due date to avoid any interest on your payment. If you pay late a fee of 27$ to 37$ is added to your regular balance. This is in the case that you are late on your payment more than once in a 6 month period.

If you are looking to maximize your benefits by getting a particular card because it suits your need best, make SURE you read disclosures and exclusions very carefully.

You don’t want to get a store card and then find out you can’t buy something that you though you could. Many of the offers are only valid for particular periods of time and are subject to change. One such example is the home improvement card does not cover ACs, heaters, microwaves and other such counter top devices and several other items.

In the Sears Home improvement Account you will receive an APR of 14.65 or 18.65%, depending on the creditworthiness of your application.

What they’ll ask you.

In your application process you will be required to fill in the following details. Make sure all your information is accurate or your chances for approval will drop significantly.

  • Your full name as present in legal documents
  • Your email address
  • Your complete address
  • Your date of birth
  • To prove you are a resident of the States you must provide your social security number.
  • Your financial details such as your current monthly mortgage and/or rent payment. You should also provide your income and your residency status.

 Sears credit card status – wait it out

Now that you have applied for the credit card, your job is done. Now wait on the approval status. Once you have submitted your application, Citibank will ask for your credit report. They will use your report to check whether or not you qualify for a store credit card such as the one from Sears.

It is worth keeping in mind that by simple submitting this form, a few points will be knocked off your credit score for opening a new line of credit. When the store asks for your report the credit bureaus are notified and this is added in your report under the title of a “Hard inquiry”. This will typically knock off about 5 points off your score. So if you’re unsure whether you have a good enough credit score check up on the pre requisites beforehand, you don’t want to take a credit hit for nothing.

The credit limit on the card you will receive, if you are accepted is going to be proportional to the income that you have given on your form. It is also going to be affected by the credit debt listed on your report.

Who does this Sear credit card benefits?

Well we would mostly recommend this card for the people that make large and frequent purchases at any Sears’s branch. These people would most benefit from the standard Sears card. The main pros are that you can either get a 5% discount on one large purchase or get no interest financing.

You would yield the most benefits if you were spending roundabout 300$ per year. A person that does not make large or frequent purchases from Sears will not really see any long term benefit from opening a new line of credit for a Sears card.

The Sears Home improvement card however is a good option for those that are considering remodeling or making some major changes around their house. A dream house rarely comes cheap. Keeping that in mind, the Sears card will help you relieve some of that financial pressure in that you don’t have to pay for those improvements immediately, and Sears offers a longer repayment period compared to other credit cards. As long as you’re talking specifically home improvement that is.


As far as we can tell there aren’t all that many cons to this card. The two things to keep in mind when getting any store credit card however are that they WILL IMPACT YOUR CREDIT SCORE.

Apart from this they also have relatively higher interest rates so if you have difficulty managing your credit bills be sure to pay this one on time.

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